Stunor Wood Burning Tool Kit

4.5/5 Customer Rating
Stunor Wood Burning Tool Kit
Stunor Wood Burning Tool Kit
Stunor Wood Burning Tool Kit
Stunor Wood Burning Tool Kit

Stunor Wood Burning Tool Kit

4.5/5 Customer Rating
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Start carving your art ideas!

This is a good starter kit, coming with all the necessary small pieces you need and easy to use for arts and craft projects.

Stunor Wood Burning Tool kit Pen is a perfect tool to create your customs designs. It works well even for smaller projects can be used for carving your name on the bottom of wood carvings. These wood burning pens provide adjustable temperatures for writing on different surface materials and different tips to produce different effects. The most common surface is wood, but they can also work on surface materials like soft plastic, wax, foam core board, synthetic fabrics, leather, cork, hard plastic, wood, bone, paper, ceramics, foam pumpkins, and plastic foam. You'll be able to swap out the tips for different effects for calligraphy, shading, and soldering, to name a few.

The all-purpose universal tip can be used for lines, shading, and dots, the shading tip is for any side shading art, the script tip is perfect for cursive writing and can be used for curves and dots, the light dot tip is for soft and delicate touches, and the soldering tip can be used for light-duty general soldering applications. There are a lot of possibilities of creating your custom designs using Stunor Wood Burning Tool kit Pen. It basically covers everything you need for wood burning and soldering.


  • create beautiful projects
  • you can easily personalize your ideas



  • Use in 3D Art
  • Decorative Arts
  • Very nice tip selection
  • Very versatile in how it is used
  • Great instruction, tips, and troubleshooting
  • Nice grip and very lightweight


  • 1*Soldering iron, EU plug
  • 5*Solder tips
  • 1*Soldering sucker (desoldering pump)
  • 1*soldering iron Stand with the sponge
  • 1*Hobby knife with 5pcs blades
  • 1*Leather tool carry case
  • 28pcs/set Wood Carving Pyrography Tool