Stunor "Lucky Shoes"

4.5/5 Customer Rating
Stunor "Lucky Shoes"
Stunor "Lucky Shoes"
Stunor "Lucky Shoes"
Stunor "Lucky Shoes"
Stunor "Lucky Shoes"

Stunor "Lucky Shoes"

4.5/5 Customer Rating
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*Price Increases 0.03$ With Every Pair Sold*

With the rise in popularity of Stunor, We at Stunor’s Block decided to do something special, and create 2,000 exclusive Positive Wave Stunor Shoes.
It's first come, first serve, and the price goes up by $3 every 100 Shoes sold.
So if you’re a True Shoe fan like we are, you know how it works, the earlier you get in, the better. These are Pure Leather unique limited edition Shoes.

These Handmade Print Shoes Are Ultimate for men's who believes in uniqueness.

Made with high-quality leather, designed for those who believe in achieving great dreams & prosperity. These shoes coated with unique art symbolizing positiveness. So, we named these "Lucky Shoe"

These shoes revamp your willpower to walk alone in your own path having a bold attitude with uniqueness among thousands keeping negative waves away.

Only 2,000 Such Shoes are made & are limited to

Stunor Extremely "Lucky Shoes" is 100% Brand New item, Don't Miss Our Massive Limited Edition Model.


  • These are Limited Edition and WILL NOT be created again.
  • Once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE.
  • We at Stunor’s Block believe in taking advantage of opportunities. So if you’re not new to shoes loving, you know that those who wait, lose.