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Highly helpful boots for women who experiences Low blood Pressure, and Feet Pain during winter.
Pain in feet and numbness during the winter season is an on-going concern for a lot of people in the United States, and the type of footwear you opt for can have a significant impact on how you feel when you’re out of the house. Walking on painful snowy days heels can jeopardize your everyday life, making you uncomfortable at all times and resistant to having to do anything especially in the morning. 

Having encountered so many people having a tough time during winter in NY, we decided to design these cute boots dedicated to them.

These are dedicated to:-

  • Women's who encounter toes numbness during cutting temperature.
  • From students to grandparents, Our boots are perfect match for any age.
  • Fashionable boot lovers.
These boots keep feet warm, helping in the regulation of body temperature and blood circulation.
These boots fit in a way of providing comfort to your heel & can be "on" for straight 15 hours.

With these Boots
  • Walking on the Stairs & different surfaces will be an easy job.
  • Your feet will be safe & warm.
  • You will have the most advanced Grip.

These boots will keep foot healthy and future problems away.

We designed them keeping in mind the modern fashion & trends, which offers you the option to turn them "on" for any occasion.

Our unique warming boots are made of high-quality materials that will last a long and won't look old as these are made by expensive Cotton Fabric, they are ultra-comfortable & isolated boots with anti-microbial technology, these boots have a unique cartoonish design and are not available at stores…

These are one of the best boots of 2018 which helps to avoid numbness & heel pain in the future...

Make it a great gift for yourself or your friends who suffer from cold feet or heel pain during cold season and don't forget to take advantage of our massive 47% OFF + Limited USA Edition.

**We Recommend Wearing Thick Socks To Increase Boots Efficiency Up to 80%**



  • Extreme: With extra added stability & Anti-Microbial.
  • Pain Relief: Helpful for relieving heel pain naturally & maintaining body temperature by keeping your feet & toes warm.
  • Venue: From walking in the snow to attending ceremonies, these boots suit all occasions.
  • Breathable: Stunor breathable technology offers complete isolation, keeping your feet relaxed, warm, and healthy.
  • Comfort: Fur inside makes these most comfortable boots.

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This Item Fall Under LIMITED EDITON Category
  • These are Limited Edition and WILL NOT be created again.
  • Once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE.
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10-Second Guide on "How to choose your right size!"

The default sizes on our website are the USA (True USA Size), but in case you are from a different region or country don't worry, you are covered too. Since, a truly optimized International size chart for Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia is provided.

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How to order the correct size for yourself.

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Stunor Leg Care Shoes are now available in both Wide(W) and Medium Width sizes.

  • For Wide Size- Visit here
  • Regarding Narrow size, we'll be soon releasing the Narrow edition.

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  • United States
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Mexico, Central America, South America has the sole goal to bring comfort to moms. That what it has been founded for!

We at Stunor came up with Leg Care edition with a primary focus on caring and preventing any foot issues all naturally to a certain extent.

The light-weight, arch design, and better balancing all combined in a single shoe thus named "Leg Care Shoes". In short, they do help in preventing pain around heels, toes, and knee.