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True™ Leg Care Winter Boots
True™ Leg Care Winter Boots
True™ Leg Care Winter Boots
True™ Leg Care Winter Boots
True™ Leg Care Winter Boots
True™ Leg Care Winter Boots
True™ Leg Care Winter Boots

True™ Leg Care Winter Boots

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Forget Laces & Just Zip Zap Zoo

Slip Resistant Arch Design Winter Shoes...


Blended with Comfort and style, Stunor True™ Non-Slip Shoes are women's first choice with over 200+ 5 Star Reviews!




As Pain in feet and numbness during the winter season is an on-going concern for a lot of seniors in the United States, and the type of footwear you opt for can have a significant impact on how you feel when you’re out of the house. So came up with True Boots.



True™ Boots...

  • makes walking over the stairs & different surfaces an easy job.
  • charges your feet with the most Advanced True™ Grip.
  • are Powered by True™ Anti-microbial Technology
  • can be "on" for straight 12 hours keeping feet warm & healthy!



True Boots Helps in

  • Correcting posture by Straightening hips, knees, and muscle imbalance by the structure of your feet.
  • Distributing pressure due to weight evenly across toes, arch, and balls of your feet at all times.


Improves Posture with Better Balance



 Warm & Comfortable 


Perfect Heat Insulation 


Make it a great gift for yourself or your friends who suffer from cold feet or heel pain during the cold season and don't forget to take advantage of

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Your only chance Securing your foot future this winter.


  • These are Limited Edition and WILL NOT be created again this year!
  • Once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE!
  • Last Year Stock Sold out in Just 2 Weeks

      Conquer Cold with The Upgraded True Boots Today!

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