About Us

A gift for every person at every point. Stunor is a viable solution to all your product manufacture and delivery problems.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The desire for high value by buyers of various products motivated the start of the network- Stunor. Stunor was founded when three college friends traveled together through Japan on an eye-opening graduate trip. The exciting and stunning things they saw on their travel and the costs of the items which was quite low as compared to the prices in their home countries served as a wake-up call for the trio.

During their travel, they made a lot of contacts which only served to strengthen their will to streamline the process it took to manufacture a product and ship it to your doorstep. They understood the pros of a shorter chain of distribution and realized that with fewer hands in the process, the savings could be passed on directly to the most crucial person in the process, you. Armed with a mission, a simple one, they came back home and decided to set up Stunor.

We at Stunor deal with a wide range of products. We deal in gadgets, gifts, health and beauty products, home and kitchen products, apparel among other things. Our best sellers include pets, glasses, remote-controlled cockroaches, car LED trunk lights, etc.

How do we do it?

We at Stunor boasts of a global network of supply and logistics partners. Having reduced the supply chain to involve only a few people, we take pride in a cost-efficient supply chain. We have cut out all unnecessary overheads of the traditional form- brick and mortar retail.

We deliver products to our customers' directly or to their most convenient points. All these are aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and cutting down on costs.

To achieve such lean economics and ensure optimum customer satisfaction, we have tried to reduce everything that is reducible. For instance, we have cut down on the supply chain which traditionally was known to have so many middlemen unlike today in our network where we have done away with numerous intermediaries. We know the implications of many intermediaries in a chain of distribution. 

We have shortened this supply chain through co-location of our business team and full contact with our upstream suppliers and logistics partners. We have embraced technology and are using it to make things just-in-time and reduce processes to achieve scale economies in our business.

In addition to the above, we offer ample flexibility to our customers. Our unfailing confidence in our supply chain underpins to our commitment to ensuring quality services for our customers. Stunor has an open communication policy.

We have provided our contacts on our website to enable our customers, and potential clients get to us quickly. This has enhanced trust and helped inspire confidence in us.

For optimum customer satisfaction, Stunor is the network to turn. As always we strive to give our customers the best services that we can. Should a customer change their mind about any of our products, we are very flexible. Our 30-day return policy only needs to be invoked, all to the satisfaction of the customer.